Eureka Costume Hire

Rock & Roll (1950) – polka dot

Number in set: 31

Suitable for ages: 7 - 11 years

Category: Fashion Era / Historic

These fun & bright rock & roll outfits come in 4 different colours ; pink, yellow, green and orange. The skirts are made from a polka dotted fabric and have a net petticoat of the same colour attached, to give the skirt volume. They are worn with a matching lycra leotard that has a key-hole back design. There is a scarf of matching fabric to wear around the pony tail. There is also a set of white leotards, with short sleeves trimmed with white lace, that can be worn with the skirts.

Song suggestions / ideas: Rock around the clock. Great balls of fire. Shake rattle and roll. Good golly Miss Molly

Hire cost: $28

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