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Genies – pink egyptian set

Number in set: 17

Suitable for ages: 9 - teens

Category: National Costumes

These genie costumes were designed to look like Jeannie from the old TV show – ‘I Dream of Jeannie’. The harem pants are made of a sheer pink fabric attached to a red velvet panel. It is detailed with the classic ‘eye-shaped’ motif. The mid-riff top is made from pink lycra overlaid with gathered pleats of the sheer pink fabric. The red vest is also made of velvet and has gold trim around the edges. The hat is a circle shape, so if the dancer has long hair they can wear it in a high pony tail and it will cascade down, over the top of the hat.

Song suggestions / ideas: Sucker DJ. Genie in a bottle

Hire cost: $30

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