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Children’s Costumes for Hire

Dance school costumes for hire

Eureka Costume Hire’s owner used to run a dance school; therefore she understands the problems and demands of organising costumes for end of year recitals. Every set of costumes sourced is a burden eased. So look through what we have on offer and hopefully there will be something that suits your needs … and you’ll be saying  ‘EUREKA’.

Fancy Dress Costume Hire

The costumes are organised into categories (eg-animal costumes, national costumes, ballet costumes etc). Click on a category to see the complete list of what is available. Click on a particular item to view a picture of the costume, see how many are in the set and what age group they would suit. Some even have song & idea suggestions if you are looking for inspiration. It couldn’t be simpler.

If you find costumes that interest you, call or email to let us know what you are after and to arrange a collection time so you can size them on your students.

If you need a few more costumes in a particular set we will make them for you (if the material is available).

We really want to help make costuming as simple and cheap as possible for you.